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Facetek Contribution to Fight against Covid-19

Maintaining regular attendance is important to create a better environment at all the organizations. Traditional attendance methods such as record book based attendance are out of date and time consuming. Traditional attendance system is susceptible to proxies and mistakes. .Administrative authorities had to face issues while using traditional book based attendance system. Biometric Attendance Systems were introduced to avoid and curtail these challenges. However, it is important to implement the Biometric Attendance Systems with proper planning and availability of funds. The BAS helps the administrative authorities to monitor the employee’s attendance effectively and efficiently. Biometric Attendance Management Systems records attendance within few seconds. It avoids the need to maintain books and marking attendance manually and hence saves a lot of time in writing entries and rectifying attendance data errors faced in traditional methods.

These systems are mechanized in a convenient manner to quickly record check-in and check-out time. Biometric technology uses human physiological unique characteristics to ensure accuracy, prevent errors, and proxy attendance.

Benefits of using biometrics for student attendance

There are lots of advantages of using Biometric attendance system the entire are explained in the diagram below.
Accurate attendance
Saves time
Increases efficiency
Security and privacy

Even though after having lots of advantages there are few disadvantages as well. All the people will keep on accessing the same biometric device this may cause infections as well. Chances of spreading contagious disease from one person to another person. Especially during the time of this world hitting crisis of corona. All this days’ people were not worried about the hygiene to a greater extent but now the impact of the disease is too high that it directly affects the life itself. It has taken away the life of lots and lots of people. It has set down the economy of the whole globe.

On using biometric by one person the other person will also use the same biometric device to mark his attendance this leads to the spreading of infection. In order to avoid this, staff will either use sanitizer or water to wash their hands this will in turn leads to wastage of lots and lots of the resources. Now days the whole world is facing the crisis of water shortage. This is creating a greater impact. But violation of hygiene is also not possible.

takes the attendance just by using the smart phone or a kiosk device. Advanced face recognition technique has been used to mark the attendance. The best feature is it is contactless. Hence avoids spreading of the disease from one person to another person. The problem of waiting in the long queue is also solved since by using the device called kiosk group attendance can also be captured. One more significant feature is it allows marking of attendance from the mobile phone as well. This will increase the hygiene. Since majority of the population in India is working sector. It reduces the burden of the attendance tracking and also increases the hygiene and helps in maintain the social distancing as well. Thus helping India to fight against corona. Come do join us let us fight corona together.