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Hotel Billing Software

BillEzy is a Billing Management POS Software to manage Cash Collection and Settlement. The software makes the entire collection easy and easy to manage and control.

Hotel Billing Software-Benefits.

The Software has many benefits to the in operations and business management & control point of view.

Few benefits explained here.,
  • Tracking of sales and taxes
  • Easy to manage the operations
  • Inventory Control
  • Waste monitoring and control
  • Reduces manpower
  • Saves Cost to management

Hotel Billing Software (POS)-Features.

The Software has many smart features to manage your restaurant.

The Key features are:
  • Multi User Version
  • Billing Through Entered KOT
  • Optional KOT Entry through Android Tablets
  • Touch Screen Version Also Available
  • Stock Management with Receipts and Issues
  • Expenses Entry
  • Mutiple / Single Printer Option
  • KOT printing through Network Printers in different Kitchens
  • Large No Of Reports
  • Cloud Based Upload of Individual Restaurants for Easy Monitoring


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