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PG Management Software

Managing Paying Guest accommodation is not simply property management rather it has different aspects such as Admission, monitoring of vacant rooms, keeping track of tenants and their payments, tracking daily income and expense, generating expense and income reports, tracking daily transactions.

PG Management Software-Benefits.

The PG Management Software has many features to help PG Owners particularly who manages multiple PG's. Our software is designed to help PG Owners to overcome such problems. With our awesome features, you can manage your PG seamlessly without any manual work.

It has many benefits including,
  • Cloud Based subscription model. No Upfront Investment..
  • User Friendly.
  • Central complaint management.
  • Inmate Ledger and Various Other Reports.
  • Reduces manpower.
  • More control over operation.

PG Management Software-Features.

The Software has many smart features to manage your hostel. The Key features are:

  • Enquiry capture.
  • Two stage admission process of booking and admission.
  • Due Generation & Reports.
  • Fees Collection and Reports.
  • Students Room Transfer.
  • Facility to upload photo and Id proof.
  • Due Generation and Fees Management.
  • Central complaint management.
  • Student Ledger and Various Other Reports.
  • Checkout Process


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