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BillEzy - Restaurant Management Software (POS)

BillEzy is a Restaurant Management POS Software to manage your entire restaurant operations from procurement, Inventory Management, Menu management, Recipe Management till Cash Collection and Settlement. The software makes the entire operations easy and easy to manage and control.

BillEzy - Restaurant Management Software (POS)-Benefits.

The Software has many benefits to the in operations and business management & control point of view.

Few benefits explained here.,
  • Tracking of sales and taxes
  • Easy to manage the operations
  • Inventory Control
  • Waste monitoring and control
  • Reduces manpower
  • Saves Cost to management

BillEzy - Restaurant Management Software (POS)-Features.

The Software has many smart features to manage your restaurant. The Key features are:

  • Multi User Version
  • Billing Through Entered KOT
  • Optional KOT Entry through Android Tablets
  • Touch Screen Version Also Available
  • Stock Management with Receipts and Issues
  • Expenses Entry
  • Mutiple / Single Printer Option
  • KOT printing through Network Printers in different Kitchens
  • Large No Of Reports
  • Cloud Based Upload of Individual Restaurants for Easy Monitoring


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